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Jewson Civils Office Block Transformation Completed In Durham

Jewson Civils Durham is all set to move into its new premises after its office block was transformed by the Apollo FM team.

When Apollo won the contract to renovate this disused office block, we faced a huge challenge to save a building that was in an extremely bad state of disrepair.

On the north side of the structure the roof was leaking, ceilings were collapsed and the walls were falling apart, leaving it in no state to be used by any kind of business.

The only option was for the team to take the shell of the premises and start almost completely from scratch. Apollo’s comprehensive works included complete replacement of ceilings, installation of brand new plumbing and replastered walls.

The end result was that the facility unrecognisable from how it looked when Apollo started the project. Jewson staff will enjoy a new block of 12 offices and meeting rooms where there was once only the crumbling shell of a building.

Furthermore, the south side was completely renovated to give the business a brand new sales area for its reopening in the coming weeks.

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